SHiFT is home to some extraordinary members with extraordinary stories. . . meet Maeve Miller and her SHiFTing family. 

16 year old Maeve is big sister to Flynn and Sloan. She attributes 13 year old Flynn for first discovering SHiFT and then inspiring dad Joe to take a class. Joe is now our unofficial mascot and brings major power and purpose to every class he takes. Along with loving mom Cathy, Maeve’s family includes the very important Toto the cat, and Skip the Dog!

Skip means a great deal to Maeve. See Maeve was diagnosed with Autism at age 6. Though anxieties and disconnect with people surfaced, a beautiful and transcendent attachment to animals was born. Nurturing her love of dogs, when Maeve was 9, Joe and Cathy adopted Skip, just like they had once adopted Maeve! The bond was instant and Maeve and Skip have been inseparable since. This is an extradorinaiy story of shepherding the ones we love towards a path of healing. Joe and Cathy are stalwart and steadfast on this pursuit.

Now a Sophomore in Highschool, Maeve wants to connect more, she wants to attend football games and dances, get a part time job, plan for the future!  Despite her best efforts to engage, anxiety ceases her.  There is one thing in this world, however, that calms Maeve’s fears and quells her anxiety- her dog SKIP. She keeps a photo stream of Skip on her phone and looks at it to help her when she’s anxious. The mere sight of Skip calms and connects her.  . When embarking on an activity she always asks “Can Skip come?” In some cases, he can. In most cases, he cannot.

 But in true SHiFT spirit, there is always hope and possibility around the corner! When Maeve entered high school, she met a boy with a service dog. His dog helps detect a change in his blood sugar! Maeve was amazed and Joe and Cathy were inspired. Once they found out this boy’s dog was from the  Warren Retrievers –  the noble journey began. Skip can’t come along because he is not a service dog, so just like at age 9, Joe and Cathy new what Maeve needed, at age 16 we are here to get Maeve that service dog companion!

Think of Maeve scrolling through pictures of Skip and now imagine what a dogs presence in school will do for Maeve? A service dog will allow Maeve to be more independent. Mostly, it will provide a sense of calm throughout her day. Lets give Maeve the tools so she will be able to thrive! She’ll be able to face the anxiety with a best friend and companion, a service dog.

 So as you see this is a story of an extraordinary family. Joe and Cathy and all three of their daughters are ROCKSTARS in our studios and in our community. They show the same resilience in the face of resistance that all of us SHiFTers do on our bikes. On February 25th at 1pm  we are going to PEDAL for PAWS and get to work so Maeve will have her well deserved service dog. The event will be epic ! And look for some fun activities including “Beat Joe on that Leaderboard” ?

Cycling and celebrating – what could be better than that? And if you can’t join us please consider making a donation, by clicking here. 

The SDWR’s motto is “UNTIL THERES A  CURE THERES A DOG”. SHiFT and the Miller Family invite you to come Pedal for that cure. . Pedal for Paws!