Lurong Challenge – Examine, Explore, Elevate

The Lurong Challenge is under way and our community is LOVING it. Here are some go to tips on how to thrive, and not just survive, this SHiFT Challenge!

Be Kind To Yourself – make a vow not to let any aspect of this challenge bring you down. At best this 3 tiered program is about examining, exploring and elevating your nutritional profile. Stay positive and keyed into your body. If you can cast out negative energy, suddenly you realize the healthy choice and staying with the program, is actually the real “treat”!

Incorporate other aspect of wellness into your life – not in a way to overwhelm the circuits but as a reminder of our wholeness. Continue or improve upon your physical activity, try to go to sleep earlier, try to show more patience, give to a charity. . . Notice the connective tissue running through the choices you make. How do SHiFTs in your diet make you feel? How do they inform the rest of your life.

An Education – learn as much as you can about the fundamentals of your program. Look at your challenge as an opportunity to learn about the functionality of your food. Can we elevate our knowledge? Will understanding our food SHiFT our relationship to what and why we eat it? With knowledge, we will gain immense power!

Focus on what you do get to enjoy – or what I like to call my “THANK GOODNESS I CAN DRINK COFFEE” dance I do every morning? In all seriousness, you just may realize how much you love meat again after years of not preparing it, or you figure out that Brussel Sprouts with kosher salt literally melt in your mouth. Not seeing this through the lens of restriction, but rather as a redirection of our culinary energy. 

I am personally enjoying this Challenge with both an ease and a zeal I was not quite expecting. I am feeling energized by the protein intake and refreshed from the lack of carbs.

Wether you are joining us in the Lurong Challenge or finding your own way to SHiFT it this New Year, we celebrate your efforts and achievements. See you on the bike, where we will examine, elevate, explore and SHiFT ourselves, body and soul, to new and powerful levels!

Written by SHiFT instructor and blogger Emily Webster.  Catch her soulful, leaderboard-free SHiFT B ride on Wednesday mornings in Guilford at 9:15 am.