Love your LiFE

We all want it. We search for it. We yearn for it. We risk for it. We sacrifice for it. LOVE—it’s such a powerful thing.

Love is deep, it’s not one dimensional. There are unique angles and elements that come together to give us that feeling of love. Each of us has different elements that we identify with love—traits we want and qualities we need. Grab a piece of paper and pen and write down five words that come to mind when you think of love. That’s your Love Type—your key identifiers of love.

At the age of 25, my views on love were far different than my version of it today, and the same for you too. Sure, a few of them might be the same but most of them are different now. What we needed and wanted then isn’t what we need and want now…and that my friends, is a good thing.

Our experiences, adventures, and moments (good and bad) have created our current Love Type. Growing and evolving thru this journey we call life is a process and that path is always changing, just like what we need and want from love.

Now look at your five words and ask yourself if you have those qualities. Love starts with self-love and that’s the proper way of saying YOU!

The reality is if you want these qualities, i.e. passion, commitment, loyalty, trust, energy— you have to own them and know what they are first. If you want passion, you have to be passionate. You have to know what your definition of passion is. In my early 20’s I had the light bulb moment that everyone’s definitions and ideas are different. For example, I consider myself passionate but my version of passion and someone else’s can be uniquely different. We can’t expect everyone to have the same definitions and standards that we do. So define your elements and don’t compromise them.

Take it a step further—these are the same qualities that you need in your life. Look at your five words and apply them towards your life. Your Love Type is also your Life Type. When you can figure this out on your own, it becomes a part of you.

I live my live with life with passion. Passion for my family, career and for helping others make a SHiFT in their life—physically, mentally, emotionally  and personally. I am fiercely committed to this journey called LiFE. I believe in loyalty, it’s the pinky promise without the pinky—the “I got your back” without thinking twice. Trustyou can’t buy it, you have to earn it. I trust in my people, the process and the higher power that what’s meant to be will be. My energy is my vibe and it’s contagious. I want to be surrounded by positive energy in love and life.

Remember this—the qualities you want and need in love are the same ones that you want and need in your life. Your love and your life go hand in hand. Love your life. 

Passion. Commitment. Loyalty. Trust. Energy.

These are my Love & Life words. What are yours?