A lot can happen in a year when you put your mind to it

 In Motivation

Here’s what I know….the power of possibilities is endless.

Everything has a start and a beginning. Your dreams, your goals—they must create this overwhelming desire to have it. You need to wake up every day and say, “I can do this, I’m going to do this!” There needs to be a spark inside you that has the ability to light the fire.

My goal wasn’t to create an indoor cycling studio, it was bigger. My dream and mission was to create a place that would make people feel awesome. The vehicle to helping people feel that way is SHiFT.

Every day since June, I woke up saying we’re going to New Haven. Of course there were days that I questioned my ability, but I didn’t listen to the doubt. I didn’t let the obstacles, challenges and tears along the way change my goal or shake my focus!

This was MY dream and I was determined…

Now, less than a year later, we’re here! And instead of saying, “We’re going to New Haven” I’m proud to say, “Welcome to SHiFT New Haven!”

We have a power within each of us, stronger than we know. Identify the power you have and let it fuel your towards your dreams.

– Jenn