Looking Back. Moving Forward.

We’re headed down the home stretch of building SHiFT New Haven- YEAH!! As we pick the paint colors, the faucets and other random items, it has been a big week of self-reflection. Less than a year ago I was painting “This is happening” on the studio wall in Guilford! It was a proud moment as I could see opening around the corner. There was huge sense of “YES, This is happening!” along with the feeling “HOLY SHiT, is this really happening?”

A Need For Focus
Opening SHiFT Guilford was a huge venture for me: financially, emotionally and mentally. In the midst of opening SHiFT New Haven, I went through a breakup with my boyfriend. I felt lost and needed to figure out what was important. When life is like a wind tunnel, it is important to step out of the vortex…. too much anxiety and stress is overwhelming!

To help direct my focus, I wrote a list of what was important to me:


Of course they spell SHiFT!!! It clarified my purpose: keeping life simple, inspiring my friends, being tenacious and having the will to create my own ultimate happiness.

SHiFT New Haven
At that moment I decided to build a location in New Haven. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew I would find way. (My Dad will be the first to say I have this tendency/ability/habit to get the “cart in front of the horse” and SHiFT New Haven is a prime example). However, every day I said to myself, and anyone who would listen,”We’re going to New Haven!!”

I started asking friends for their opinions and ideas. Before I knew it, a plan was coming together. Yes, you need a plan, but before you need a plan, you need a goal. Your goal or your dream ignites that passion in your soul and makes you want to get up in the morning.

Fast Forward
This week when I picked up the paint brush and asked the contractor if I could paint on the wall.  He gave me a confused look. When I started to write “THiS is Happening” it brought a tear to my eye. I see the flag at the top of the hill. In less than 12 months we’ve expanded our family. Yes, my friends this IS happening. It’s been a crazy year but it’s been one of best of my life!!

Look Back
While looking through some old journals, I found a statement I wrote in 2005.

“What you expect is what you will get. You have to change your thinking before you can ever change your living.”

Life is full of surprises, it doesn’t always go as planned. Be flexible to change the plan depending upon the obstacles you encoutner.  Just don’t be flexible about changing your dreams and or goals!

Look back at what you’ve learned; utilize that to move you forward.