SHiFT Guilford

SHiFT Cycling


The Ultimate SHiFT ride. Our rockstar instructor uses interval training (high intensity bursts followed by recovery) to deliver fun, calorie-burning, heart-pumping ride. The SHiFT leaderboard will be used and a weight track incorporated into the class. It’s the gold standard!

SHiFT Endurance

Our Endurance Ride is for those of you looking for a little extra! Get 90 minutes of pure cycle time. Come ready for anything and watch your fitness level improve week to week. Great way to reset for the week!


This is our Performance ride. Loaded with skills, drills and heavy use of our PIQ leaderboard to add some metrics. You are sure to get sprints, climbs and team challenges with maybe even a little Tabata thrown into the mix. You control the intensity, so it is appropriate for all fitness levels.

SHiFT 101

A complimentary 15 minute intro to indoor cycling. You will learn bike set up followed by some time in the saddle. Your comfort level will skyrocket. Feeling confident, stick around for the next class!


Our Strength ride! Several tracks incorporate hand weights add upper body work into the mix. You multi-taskers will love to add a little strength training to this this fat burning workout!

SHiFT Kids (ages 8+)

Inspired by Jenn’s son, Karsten, this class gets your child off the couch and into the studio. Each future rockstar will build confidence, work up a good sweat and enjoy “SHiFTing”on the bike. Expect fun with drills, races, dancing, singing and hey, maybe even a little karaoke!


This is our Beats ride. Two ride formats linked by the common thread of Soul! Let the beat of the music drive your cadence, with your legs will moving at speeds you didn’t think possible. Or, turn off the technology for an inward journey focused on the mind/body connection.

SHiFT Adaptive

This ride includes our friends with intellectual and other disabilities. Our team of instructors work with the group to make the ride fun, challenging and safe. The class is 40 minutes of ride time and is open to those outside the STRIVE, Unified or SARAH programs. We welcome helpers of all ages to ride with the group. Guarantee you will be inspired!


SHiFT your run with an outdoor run. All levels welcome. Sign up so we know to expect you and we can reach out to you with some information about the route for the week.

SHiFT Balance

Barre Fusion

NO TUTUS REQUIRED!! Fusing together strength, toning, cardio and flexibility all in one. You will bring your inner athlete out on the barre as we strengthen and tone your legs and butt through a series of power plies, lunges and squats! Additionally, our signature “balance” balls to sculpt your upper body coupled with core series on the mat.

Yoga Beats

A power Vinyasa yoga class that taps into body and soul. A perfect blend of meditation, strengthening, and Beyonce, this Vinyasa flow is taught to music that will get your breath and blood flowing. All levels are welcome.

Booty Barre

A fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. bootybarre is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre.


Mind-body class that melts away stress to feel more balanced, centered and connected. Here, focus is on overall wellbeing where balancing the nervous system and releasing tension is as important as improving strength, functional mobility, flexibility and coordination. This dynamic approach to fitness will leave clients with a sense of self, full-bodiedness, openness and organic authenticity.


A total SHiFT workout! 30 minutes of sweating on the bike, then transition to 30 minutes of pure strength and core work.. the ultimate SHiFT experience!!!


This class will take you through a total body conditioning workout using Bosu Balls, bands, balance bars and disks. Nothing is off limits! You will get your heart pumping, your body strengthening and toning all while you SHiFT yourself to be the best you can be!


This dynamic style is ideal for those who aim to create balance and wish to gain strength, better alignment and flexibility. This class combines breath and movement to cleanse and recharge the body and focus the mind in a moving meditation. All levels welcome.


SHiFT yourself to the next level! Get ready to torch calories, raise your heart rate and sweat it all out! This Cardio Kickboxing class will have you kicking, punching, jumping and stabilizing to heart pumping music.