The Journey (Not Just the Destination)

Four weeks into the year, we all start looking at our resolutions and the promises we made to ourselves. And right about now we start to gauge the results. Maybe frustration starts to seep in, little doubts try to poke at our perseverance…

How about we try measuring our success with a new self affirming ruler?! Not just how far you’ve come, but how much fun you’ve had along the way?

A New Way to Measure Success
Don’t let numbers on a scale or a still pesky zipper dictate the way you feel or sway your rock solid commitment. How about those endorphins, how about that new song you heard in Shannon’s strength class the other night ? How about you sudden improvement in posture? Your back hurts less? And wait seriously, aren’t you being a bit more patient with your spouses, children, coworkers???

Every SHiFT you make on and off that bike will be a part of your victory. Let the metric for your triumph be one of appreciation and grace.

Enjoy the Ride
Ta’an bohar fada ach nilmuid tuirseach. That is an Irish proverb meaning “The road is long but we are not tired” (it’s also my personal motto!) It applies so well to our workouts. Sure it’s about pushing past fatigue and finding that endorphin high, but it’s also about turning that long road into a rewarding, worthy road ! A road and a journey we can’t wait to take.

I’ll promise you this, the tangible results you are looking for …you are one bead of sweat away from those goals. SHiFT yourself, body and soul, and enjoy the ride!

Written by Guest Blogger and SHiFT Instructor Emily Webster