Joe’s Journey

This month we celebrate Joe Bucci! We honor the weight he has lost and the strength he has found.
Guilford resident since 2007, Joe is a 48 year old husband, father of four children and a driven professional. Proud of his achievements, Joe is not a stranger to overcoming challenges.
Joe shared with us,  “One of the biggest challenges I faced was the passing of both my parents over the last ten years. I certainly looked deep within myself and acknowledged that I wanted to make a life-change” 
Joe took some time off from Crossfit to heal his body. “Time off” resulted in a lack of focus on working out. Less working out, inevitably, lead to weight gain.  One year ago, in January 2017, our fearless leader Jenn persuaded Joe to give SHiFTing a try for sixty days!
“She told me ‘after sixty days, you may see the benefits and view the workouts differently’  Well, I did.”
Because Joe came to class with an open mind, he found a body and soul transformation. The physical aspects of spinning –  pedal strokes, position, power-  began to impact the way Joe carried himself. Better posture, stronger core and burning 800-1,000 calories per ride. . .yes indeed he was viewing workouts differently than he ever had before!
“The mental aspect of a ride really hit home. I started to meditate within the ride and totally embrace the physical and mental benefits of SHiFTing”
That body and soul connection is where he found true transcendence. Joe confesses to entering the studio intent on venting frustrations and relieving stress.  He has found a sanctuary in which to hone peace and reflection.  He has found trainers who deliver positivity and support. Joe has found a liberating experience!
Weight loss was well under way within six months of his time at SHiFT. The community took note and complimented Joe on his slimmed down physique. Finding that boost of support helped keep Joe on track.
“As I began to see my body transform and my rides (complimented with a few Balance classes) get stronger, I certainly was convinced that this combination of workouts was best for me. Cardio, core, strength, high intensity. Yet I never feel too sore “
A year later Joe is down almost 60 pounds! He is more focused than ever. So focused, that along with other SHiFTers,  he is training for a sprint triathalon in June 2018!
Devoted SHiFTer Joe lovingly describes SHiFT  as “a brand of physical fitness with tremendous offerings that combine physical and mental challenges for people of all walks of life”
Joe is a living testament and tribute to all we set out to accomplish at SHiFT.  Here is to you Joe, thanks for inspiring us.
Written by Blogger, Emily Hope Webster