Jesse’s Journey




Rockstar Jesse helps sculpt, shape and SHiFT us in her weekly Barre classes. Jesse brings such strength and soul to each of her classes because of the personal SHiFTs she has made in her own life.

After she graduated college in 2014, Jesse learned “the very hard way”  how difficult it is to find time to exercise when carrying a full time job.  Like many post grads  catapulting into the work field, Jesse “opted for drinks and burgers instead of the gym”.

Without the ritual and regime of I fitness, Jesse’s small 5’1 frame suddenly put on 20 extra pounds.“It wasn’t until I had to buy an entirely new wardrobe before I realized that there was a reason none of the my clothes fit anymore. I was lazy and didn’t eat healthy” Jesse knew a SHiFT was needed.

Some of our biggest and bests SHiFTs don’t occur in a straight line.  Moving back to Connecticut led Jesse to take great leaps forward. Connecting with friend and our rockstar Kacey Shepherd Jesse remembered  how she used to run 5 miles a day when she was in college. Always a beacon of encouragement, Kacey asked Jesse if she wanted to run a half marathon with her. As Jesse says, “that was it.” She trained hard for six weeks, and was able to run the race without stopping! That race became the renaissance and soon Jesse was back on track. Spin classes and kickboxing, SHiFTing whenever she could.

Our fearless leader Jenn recognized something special in Jesse and approached her after a kickboxing class. “Have you ever thought about teaching barre?”

Barre became the perfect work out for Jesse. As her body changed for the better, so did her life.  After getting certified she started off teaching 2 classes a week and is now up to 4 !

“Those classes each week help to keep me in check and push me to get in the best shape I have ever been in. I have lost 20lbs since last year, but more importantly, I found my drive to become a healthier and more active person again”


Kacey and Jenn inspired Jesse and now in turn Jesse inspires our SHiFT community! Jesse’s journey is not about losing weight, but about gaining a new perspective. Come to one of her classes and SHiFT yourself towards a better you.

Written by SHiFT blogger Emily Webster 

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