It’s a Challenge. We Did it.

“It is a process and I’m lovin’ it. You made me feel a part of something.”
Rich Messina

“The fear of not doing anything is greater than whatever pain, sweat or food choice I make.”
Paula Burns

“Stepping up the exercise was a game changer for me.”
Torrey Morse

“I have put eating in a different perspective. I am now fueling my body, taking care of it more. Thank you for the inspiration.”
Maribel Lota

We set up a Challenge this January not to see who could win the prize and lose the most weight, but to create the structure and focus for people to make healthy lifestyle changes. We asked our Challengers how they did it or what was a “game changer” for them. Here are their 8 essential tips:

1. Go For It
You need to be mentally READY for the change. No one can tell you to do this, you have to want it yourself.

2. Keep it Simple
Setting goals and defining what you want to be accomplished gives you a roadmap and helps you create those milestones to ensure you stay on track. However, don’t make it too hard or complicated to achieve success…. simple doable tasks are the way to go.

3. A little Pressure
Everyone needs some accountability. Using measurement tools, sharing your goals with others or finding a workout buddy will help keep you on course.

4. Seeing is Believing
Seeing small results are inspiring and inject momentum to keep going. Give yourself enough time and focus to make a difference. And, when you see success…. celebrate!

5. All You Need is Love
Feeling part of a group/community of like-minded people sharing a common goal keeps you engaged and connected. Talk about what you want to accomplish!

6. Nutrition/Fitness Balance
The stuff we all know is essential…. portion control, balancing of protein/carbs/fat and exercise including cardio and resistance. With exercise, do what you enjoy and with nutrition think moderation not depravation. Anything extreme is NOT good!

7. Prioritize & Plan
Being healthy must be a daily priority. The more planned you are about your meals and working out, the more likely you will be to stay on track. Always remember the little things do matter.

8. Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Slip ups happen. Take it day by day and know there is no such thing as perfection. If you get off track, know you are a decision away from getting back on course. You also need to be realistic about what you commit too and what works with your lifestyle.

Awesome advice SHiFTers. As the program comes to an end, we see it as the beginning.  Commit to a few changes and stick with them. You will see results, trust me.

A thank you to Rich Messina, Paula Burns, Maribel Lota and Torrey Morse for their tips and insight regarding the challenge experience.