“Do the right thing to follow your dreams.” – Jack Waggoner

What is your pre-class ritual? I listen to my playlist over and over until my kids beg to listen to “normal” music!

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate chip cookies!!!

How would you describe your class? It’s a high-energy, beat-driven ride with a side of unrelenting awesomeness.

How do you recharge? I recharge by spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking. Before I was a Spin instructor I had a small dessert catering business. My cheesecakes are to-die-for!

How would your friends and family describe you? They would say that despite facing many challenges, I wake up every morning determined to be a kind, loving, smiley person who will make every effort to make someone’s day a little brighter.

What can’t you live without? My family, chocolate, red wine, and a good pair of sneakers.