Holiday Health & Hydration

SHiFTing becomes an essential part of our lives. We feel the effect our ride has on our overall equilibrium. It becomes a healthy and necessary part of our routines. Soooo when the prospect of leaving town and altering our SHiFT schedule assails us, just remember the SHiFTs we make on the bike, carry us on all the roads that lie ahead.

Holidays can often mean changes to our schedule and location can literally throw us off course. When you feel rudderless, respond to how your body takes in the changes, remember what you are capable of and, finally, reach for your life lines, the connective tissues and silver strands that tether you, in the best way possible, to your strength and sanctity.

There is room for small treats and little luxuries, be it an Eggnog Latte or sleeping in, a SHiFT in our daily grind can actually be restorative. Arm yourself with some an action plan to keep you in balance as you partake in the pleasures of the season and continue to steer the ever valiant course of healthy living.

A basic, but easy thing to make us feel better is hydration.  Double up on the amount of water you drink during the holidays. Make it a fun little challenge. Treat yourself to a new vessel, one of our bkr bottles arriving in the studio for the holidays, a sporty new Camelback, a special gift just for yourself, something you will enjoy filling up multiple times a day.  Infuse your water by adding herbs, fruit and veggies like cucumber (click on the hyperlink for some ideas).

Make your water bottle your pal that you can take with you wherever you go. . . on the never ending car ride to the in laws, packed in your suitcase, even bring it the obligatory office party you have to attend. Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant and as a detox agent for the times we do indeed indulge. Its inexpensive and accessible and an essential part of staying strong on the ever changing road.

Jenn Just did a video on hydration, take a look:

Take heart as the season of skewed schedules descends. Hydrate, find 15 minutes, and enjoy every SHiFT that comes your way!

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Blogger, Emily Webster.  Catch her leaderboardless ride on Wednesday in Guilford at 9:15 am.