With Great Responsibility Comes Great Power

That is the advice given to Superheroes and in this day and age we are all superheroes…scaling schedules, exceeding expectations and managing mayhem to rival the best of the web slingers and caped crusaders.

In our quest to save the world, we often forget there is great power in saying no. That “no” is not about limiting yourself it is about empowering yourself.

Sometimes you don’t realize how hot it is until you feel a cool breeze. And, sometimes you don’t realize how busy you are until you take a deep breath. It is our responsibility to cultivate those breaths, to seek that cool breeze, and it is in our power to do so!

When we say no to the extraneous, it helps us define the essential. When the Pediatrician who is also a mother of three admits she isn’t the crafty mom, she figures out she is the nature mom. When we say no to the constant texting, we make eye contact with our friends!

We can SHiFT the focus away from negating and move towards allowing. When we find the courage to say no, we aren’t preventing engagement but allowing for enjoyment.

How do we distinguish when to say no? Ask yourself – is it all about product or is there joy in the process? Think about the diminishing returns – is energy output equivalent to the charge you receive? Notice how your body reacts when you say yes purely out of obligation – do your shoulders tense up, a furrowed brow, new frown lines?

Try to relinquish the pressures that deplete and depress in order to honor the pursuits that fill and fuel your soul.

FOMO is no longer Fear of Missing Out, its Focus On Making Opportunity. Our journey as SHiFTers is never fear based. It’s about pedaling stronger and further on a path we create for ourselves. Nurturing and nourishing our own Superhero bodies by refining our responsibilities and prioritizing our power!

Save yourself Save the World! One SHiFT at a time!


Written by SHiFT Instructor and Guest Blogger, Emily Webster. Photo by Karen Alquist.