“The Good Life is a Process”

I said no to the fortune cookie! I did ! But as I handed that paper filled crescent of crunchiness to my 3 year old, I remembered I had to physically remove the fortune myself, lest he decide to eat that cookie whole. I feel good about not consuming the cookie, but I feel even better that I did take a moment to consume the message it had within its carb loaded shell.

The Good Life is a Process . . ..not a destination but a direction” . . exactly what I had been hungering to hear. I have goals, I own those goals, I rock those goals. Having a clear purpose is  a beacon to me, a bright lighthouse guiding me over the choppy waters. But sometimes, when that light gets a little dim, I need to find a way to make friends with the waves.. . not to go under, but to persevere with grace and gusto. 

Some of us are still shaking off the Holidays. Waiting for snow to adorn our wreaths, we are keeping them on the doors. Somehow we aren’t quite ready to step back in to routine. Maybe we are still recovering from travel, or still cleaning up from entertaining the troops. Or perhaps, we really did enjoy sleeping in and discipline seems like a punishment. . .its okay. . it’s all a process.

I liked what this little cookie had to say, our wellness is also a direction. . .we have to make sure we are headed, with compass in hand, the right way. If you have not worked out in a few weeks, not to worry. But take that idea of “not working out” to its furthest extension? Well  I promise you that means diving head first in a direction none of us are seeking.

As one of our awesome in studio Challenges suggests, writing down your aspirations and dreams is a powerful tool. Put a series of post it notes on the your front door, and as you accomplish these goals, remove the post its. “Clean the Closet”, check. Take it off. If you see that “Get back in the saddle” yellow sticky staring at you everyday, it will encourage you to do so! And when you get home and you finally get to take that post it off the wall you will feel such a sense of accomplishment. . and you will want to feel that good again the next day!

Make yourself accountable to someone else. Next time you are meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, make it a fitness field trip! Here is one way I hold myself accountable. I tell my kids. “Mommy is going to do Yoga for the first time since October” . . .when they ask me how Yoga went, there is nothing worse than having to admit to your own offspring, that you actually didn’t make it. Being a role model to friends, children, and spouses, can be a great motivator. 

If you are feeling guilty, don’t, its not productive. There is no amount of shame that is stronger than the power you will immediately reclaim once you start again. The endorphin high when you SHiFT or take a HiiT class at our sister studio in New Haven MPWR House, will negate and replace any lingering  self doubt that has kept you away.

We find inspiration all around us, even in a silly fortune cookie! Sometimes we need look no further than our own stories.You are your best self when you are feeling connected and confident in your body. We are not rudderless, we are finding beauty in the process, and heading in a healthy and harmonious direction. So lets take that first step back in to the studio, and SHiFT it towards The Good Life yet again. 

Written by SHiFT instructor and blogger Emily Webster.  Catch her soulful, leaderboard-free SHiFT B ride on Wednesday mornings in Guilford at 9:15 am.