Your Good Body Starts Here

It starts here. Now.

The road at SHiFT is not limited to the confines of a studio or a bike. The journey is expansive, the course varied, and the outcome, transcendent. You bring your Good Intentions, we offer up Good Vibes and we all leave with Good Bodies.

I heard this fabulous story from a young girl who had to have an emergency appendectomy. She recovered in record time,  her Dr. turned to her and said “Wow you have such a good body” Until that defining moment her connotation to Good Body, was much more Vogue Magazine than Medical Journal. This SHiFTed her perspective,  she became accepting and aware of her body’s own power.

As SHiFTers lets all look at what having a Good Body means for us. Being able to run that marathon? Fitting into those jeans at the back of the closet? Being able to connect to our center and breath in the moments of chaos? All of the above right?! We got this!

It starts right here.

We know the component of exercise is essential to achieve the body you want. Ensconced in motivation and meaning, our studio will deliver on that epic workout. The other fundamental to that coveted Good Body? Nutrition. We are going to deliver on that too.

With a community based challenge starting in January, this is our time to get it done. What we put into our bodies, our Nutrition Profile, is 80 percent of our weight loss story. SHiFTing your nutrition profile to a better place is not about being an extremist its about being an explorer!

With some SHiFT guidance get ready to explore new ways to nourish. We all want to make informed and inspired choices. This is not about eliminating, but curating what we put into our system. There is bounty and beauty in clean living. Fewer and better carbs, lean meats, a pull back from the over processed… Your Good Body will not just be about weight loss, it will about shiny hair, toned arms, strong nails, better sleep, healthier sex drive, balanced moods…better performance on that SHiFT leaderboard!

The road at SHiFT is not limited to the confines of a studio or bike. You are not limited either. We will SHiFT our way to the Good Body we have had all along. 

Written by SHiFT Instructor and Blogger Emily Webster. Image by Karen Alquist Photography.