Gina’s Story

SHiFT is a place of celebration. Every time we enter into the studios, we honor and acknowledge our own health and wellness. At SHiFT we also like to recognize the achievements of our fellow SHiFTers.
Meet Dr. Gina Frank. Gina is the Dean of Graduate Student Affairs at Quinnipiac University, where she has worked for 28 years. She received her doctorate (Ed.D) from Johnson & Wales University in Educational Leadership. Originally from Michigan, she spent some time in New Hampshire before making her way to Connecticut.  Accomplished professional and happy wife and step mom, in 2017
Gina faced some major medical issues.
“I either had to  start working out more or begin physical therapy. I opted to try SHiFT”
Just a little over a year ago, in January of 2018, Gina decided to SHiFT with us. Indicative of her ambition and commitment, Gina’s first class was a 5:30am class. She maximized the amount of classes she took during her  one week pass, trying to ensure she enjoyed the classes and instructors. By the end of the week, Gina realized SHiFT was where she belonged. 
Gina is a fixture at our studio, six days a week, usually with a double on the weekend! And she is still devoted to the 5:30am classes. As Gina explains,” I thought, I was not a morning person; however, you fall in love with SHiFT. The instructors push you to be your best.  It’s such a positive and supportive environment. It’s a great way to start your day!”
Gina has discovered that SHiFT is how she finds time to focus on herself. Finding healing for both body and soul, Gina explains “I have been able to gain my life back. I am the healthiest that I have been in years”
Now Gina takes her love of cycling, her passion for being of service and her personal story of transcendence by giving back.
“I have plans to be in Cycle for Survival on February 10th in Greenwich to raise money for cancer research with our 1st year Physician Assistant students for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In addition, I will be riding in the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City in May. I do have hopes of being in the Smillow ride in September”
Every time Gina commits to a class of ours, and that is many times a week, she infuses our studio with a strength and positivity.
” My big SHiFT occurred walking into SHiFT in the first place.  I LOVE this place!”
We love you back Dr. Gina Frank!