Dedicated to the One I Love

The word DEDICATE originally comes from dedicare meaning”the giving of oneself to some purpose” . . . Your sense of purpose is what makes the SHiFT ride one that transcends a mere workout. Being willing to give yourself to the cause of your own health and well being is a noble and worthy pursuit, one that arms you to be there so consciously and consistently for others the rest of the day.

Sometimes reshaping the purpose behind our ride, adds a deeper incentive to the experience. One of my SHiFTers, dedicated her Wednesday ride to her son’s upcoming Tennis match. She offered up a new focus and found power in the specifics. Her ride became not only a way to cheerlead in advance, but she started thinking of the athleticism her son used, the way he kept his hips open and legs strong. . .it informed her posture, bringing new integrity and energy to her ride.

Because our studio is not just a gym, but a refuge, we often find the space and sanctity, to reflect on a deeper cause. To ride for those who can’t ride. We don’t shy a way from resistance, in or out of the saddle, we are ready to take on a challenge. When we take on a challenge in the name of another, to a friend in need, to a worthy cause, suddenly that hill becomes a triumph, that sprint becomes a celebration.

We need look no further than our own stories for inspiration. Dedicate your ride to a physical or emotional obstacle you are currently working through. Offer up an equation that needs solving, a muscle that needs strengthening, a story that needs telling. . .give yourself to the purpose. Dare to Dedicate, elevate your workout and SHiFT to a better place!

Written by SHiFT Instructor and and guest blogger Emily Webster.