#crushedthechallenge Feature Friday: Why Jenn SHiFTs!

We are so thrilled with the results of the Winter Challenge! Over 60 participants completed the goal of 16 classes in 28 days earning yourselves a free tee and a 15% discount off retail and packages! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! Below we highlight one incredible woman, Jenn, who crushed the challenge utilizing the power of community and her own self motivation. We asked Jenn the WHY and the HOW behind her accomplishment and are thrilled the share her inspiring responses with you! Ready to challenge yourself? Stay tuned as we announce the deets of our March Madness challenge!

Why do you take class at SHiFT/What keeps you coming back? 

Besides the fact it is a great workout with a lot of variety . . . I love the people! The instructors care about your well being and really get to know you beyond just the dark room or a strength class. But it’s not just the instructors that make it a great place to workout, it’s everyone that works out at shift…always willing to support, encourage and push you to get to the next level.
How long have you been riding with us? 
Since December 2016
What motivated you to crush the winter challenge?
 I’m a very goal driven individual (as well as a fairly competitive person) so when a goal or challenge is placed in front of me I attend on reaching it! 
Do you have any pointers for others to crush an upcoming challenge? (i.e – setting your workout clothes out the night before, putting a reminder in your phone, texting a buddy to join you etc.) 
Honestly, what helps me is having a group of badass mamas (aka The Fab 5) to work out and who will hold each other accountable. And if one of us doesn’t show up to class you can be sure you’re getting a text at 6:35 am finding out where we were! Yes you can layout your clothes the night before (which I do) and you can set an alarm to remind you to book your classes each week (which I also do) but for me, it’s all about the power of accountability, encouragement and support between friends! 
How has SHiFT changed your daily life?
 I’m in the best physical shape I have maybe ever been since starting to work out at Shift. But it helps that I love all the classes so it keeps me wanting to work-out regularly.
Three things you love about SHiFT?
The instructors
The variety of classes
The comradery  
Favorite memory at SHiFT? 
That’s easy…November 1, 2017…as named by one of my friends “Clip in for Clots!” It was my very first ride after being sidelined for 4 months from a DVT blood clot in my calf which resulted in pulmonary embolism. I was so nervous to come back but I so needed it at the same time. And there they all were (the Fab 5), bikes assigned all in a row, one friend even fighting bronchitis, ready to ride with me, red awareness ribbons pinned to our matching colored tanks…including Sarah’s! It was definitely one of the hardest and most emotional rides I have ever had at Shift but it was by far one of the best rides I may ever have! Left a lot of tears in that dark room that day, but I would have never gotten through it without them…Sarah included!