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SHiFT 101

Ease into indoor cycling with the perfect 30 minute beginner class. Learn how to properly adjust and use the bike followed by a 20 minute ride. You will begin to build stamina while increasing your comfort level with the bikes. Schedule complementary class with the front desk.



The ultimate ride. Using interval training, we will intermix high intensity bursts followed by recovery. Your rockstar instructor will lead you through the routine, using an epic play list to motivate you during this calorie blasting, heart pumping ride.


SHiFT 45

Short on time – get to fifth gear fast with this petite but powerful 45 minute class. Think of it as the Xxpress ride to New Haven: 5 minute warm up, 35 minute ride and a 5 minute recovery.  Light on the rest and heavy on intensity... all aboard!



SHiFT 90

Feelin' like you need something extra?  Add on another 30 to your ride for 90 minute in the saddle.  Build endurance and push yourself to the next level.  Great way to reset for the week!


SHiFT Strength

Our SHiFT U ride plus! Hand weights are incorporated into this ride to deliver a total body workout. You multi-taskers will love this fat burning and strength training combination workout. 


SHiFT Survivor

For those of you looking for a little extra will get 60 minutes of pure cycle time, burning more calories while building more endurance!   Come well rested, well hydrated and ready for anything.  Power up and let’s get those wheels spinning!


SHiFT Tween (ages 8+)

It’s a family affair. Inspired by Jenn’s son, Karsten, this class targets our often forgotten tweens.  Get them off the couch and into the studio for a fun, yet challenging, 45 minutes class. Each future star will have the opportunity to build confidence, work up a good sweat and enjoy “SHiFTing” the bike to some great tunes. 

Shift Unified

This ride is targeted to our friends that have intellectual and other disabilities.  Our team of instructors work with the group to make the ride fun, challenging and safe.  The class is 30-40 minutes of time in the saddle and is open to those outside the Unified or SARAH programs.  We welcome helpers of all ages to ride with the group.    Guarantee you will be inspired!

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