Boost Your Smoothies!

Everyone knows I LOVE smoothies. They are portable, easy to make in advance, filled with healthy fruits and greens and are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to keep us healthy.

We all have our “go-to” recipes.  Greatist, one of our FAVORITE blogs has a list of 54 healthy smoothie recipes, check it out. They have recipes with greens, pre-work out, post work out, breakfast, dairy-free, dessert….. Of course you may need to make modifications, but it will give you some new ideas!

IMG_6171- crop

We all have those times in our lives when it is hard to do the planning and preparation to eat healthy. With the launch of New Haven, I am in one of those moments!  Smoothies are a great food option when you don’t have time but want to be healthy!

Another one of our FAVORITE  blogs, Simple Green Smoothies, gives some tips about making your smoothies a meal by BOOSTing with protein and healthy fats. Take a look at this awesome chart. It’s mix-and-match and gives you endless options.  Love it!

Smoothie add-in chart

Now if you really want to take this smoothie concept to the next level, try the Simple Green Smoothie 30-day Challenge starting April 1. You commit to drinking one green smoothie  a day for 30 days.  Sign up on their website and they will keep you motivated with tips, ideas and recipes.

Cheers.  Here’s to boosting your smoothies!