Anybody can do anything in 20 seconds.

20 seconds.

I’m 27 years old, and this is finally true for me. I get it now. We are capable of impossible things. We have it in our souls, in the threads of our being, in the way our blood runs through our bodies, to endure. We are a people of endurance.

We have the power to overcome.
We can move mountains, really, if we want to.

And sometimes, we need to. Sometimes you have to look yourself in the eye and decide to go there, decide to make it, decide to SHiFT whatever it is that is burdening you.

My Weight Burden
For me, it’s my weight. It almost always has been. When I was young I would watch my mother pinch and pull at her shirts in the mornings before going to work. I learned very young, by no fault of her own, that our bodies are a constant battle.

Then when I was in high school I lost 90% of my weight. I ran, like Forrest Gump, I ran. I left for college and long story short, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I was pumped up with steroids for 6 years, and ate all my weight back, plus some.

The Decision to Overcome
Now, with an almost 2 year old son, lungs that still don’t function without steroids, and weight that just won’t seem to leave me, I’m deciding to overcome.

In all of us is this unbelievable power. I lived in Haiti for 5 years. I watched families pick themselves up off the ground after the earthquake claimed one, two, three of their children, and rebuild. Rebuild their hearts, rebuild their ability to survive. I watched them endure. I learned the definition of the word resilience. Oh, how I prayed I could have a quarter of that strength.

No mountain is too small when it needs climbing. Whatever the battle, it’s significant because it is yours. If it’s finances, loved ones, heartbreak, defeat, addiction, weight, whatever it is, it’s worth fighting to overcome.

My Journey
I’m currently in the middle of my journey. I have so much more to go, so much more to learn. But as Emily Webster said in class the other day, anyone can do anything in 20 seconds. So I keep pushing. Pushing my legs, pushing my mind, pushing my will. And that strength will continue to overflow into every other part of my life. I’m worth it. I deserve those 20 seconds to reclaim who I am.

Thank you, all the staff at Shift Cycling, for reminding me of who I am, day after day.

Anyone, can do anything, in 20 seconds. Go.

Written by SHiFTer, Challenger and Guest Blogger Johnna Sullivan.