An Important Ride


Some causes are so important, some people are so brave. Meet Dr. Andres who brings his important and brave ride to our very own SHiFT New Haven Studio.
Dr. Andres Martin is a professor at Yale University’s Child Study Center. Dr. Martin is also the founder of the nonprofit, Break the Cycle, which helps raise awareness for children’s mental illnesses.

“Psychiatric and behavioral concerns in children are real, they’re common, they’re treatable and preventable,” Dr. Andres Martin said.

With a lifetime devoted to being part of the treatment,  Dr. Martin has now embarked on an epic ride  from Washington State to Washington DC.  SHiFT will be hosting  an indoor cycling “homecoming” ride  as Dr. Martin makes a stop in New Haven.

Andres Martin’s journey across the state has been one of continual inspiration.  Personally, cycling for a cause has cemented in Dr. Martin a physical resilience “I feel stronger now than when I started – even though I feared for the opposite, especially how my derrière would hold up”. He has endured very difficult climbs, Big Horn WY, and 103 degree weather in Ohio.

This has also been a story of discovering hope. With the unifying cause of Pediatric Mental Illness, all roads have led to the inherent kindness in our Country.
“I have been overwhelmed by the beauty and grandeur of our nation and its people – especially at this time of divisiveness”

Martin, who is also editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Childhood and Adolescent Psychiatry, has done something extraordinary. But we can all be a part of this cause. The SHiFT community knows how to SHiFT for Good, we know how to make a pedal stroke a proactive stance, how to turn calorie burn into cause. We invite you all to participate fighting for the cause and CELEBRATING Dr. Andres Martin!

” Everyone who I have talked to about children’s mental health ‘gets it’ – not only through personal or familial encounters, but my the sheer magnitude of the issues. The support and responsiveness have been remarkable”

From larger leading gifts, to many small personal donations, this ride is closing in on raising 180K! SHiFT is so honored to be a part of this story.

“Every bit counts, and every child matters”

Some causes are so important, some people are so brave. . .on October 11th, come SHiFT with us!


Written by Blogger Emily Webster 



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