Allie Lemieux Smiles Through her SHiFTs and Transformations!

Meet Allie Lemieux. When not SHIFTing, Allie is a student at the University of New Hampshire. If you think about college, sure it is a place where we spread our wings and look towards new horizons. It’s also, however, a time in our lives when we no longer have control over our surroundings. Our roommates to our meal plans are assigned to us and not designed for us.

So Allie was looking for a workout “to better my physical being and create a place where I could feel fully motivated and inspired” – enter SHiFT. Allie discovered our studio while on break. Even though Allie had been partaking in all sorts of classes at college, her first hour at SHiFT provided her with the most powerful hour of physical activity she had ever encountered. She pushed herself hard, tapping into strength and endurance she didn’t even realize she had. When she left the studio, she could not stop smiling! One class and she was hooked. She bought an unlimited pass and spent the majority of her time home from school, smiling and SHIFTing.

Allie approaches each class with a set intention to live up to her own potential. At SHiFT, achieving her goals often comes with giggles and grins. Allie looks forward to the mingling and motivation found by instructor and student alike within the community. Grateful for friendships forged on the SHiFT road, Allie has found that the place she works the hardest is also the place she loves the most! Allie is always aware and appreciative that exertion and exuberance work together at SHiFT.

She has also found a depth to that mind-body connection. Digging deep, Allie is not afraid to share she has been moved to tears while SHiFTing. Moved by the music and the meaning behind each movement, Allie’s favorite moment on the bike came with Samantha and Emily’s “Silent Night” ride. “The setting, the powerful, raw music and the candles lit in the dark room helped me to stop focusing on the millions of things going on in my head. The class healed me in a lot of ways.

That healing continues especially now when Allie has to once again return to the stresses and inconsistencies of college life. Down an impressive 60 pounds and with a new found confidence, Allie is taking what she finds in our spin room and applying that courage to her overall wellness. Allie is not just partaking in our Lurong Challenge, but she is the current leader of our SHiFT team! Emerging as an athlete, food now becomes an opportunity to “nourish my body with foods that make feel and perform at my best.”

Finding new ways to be her best, Allie  has taken up the SHiFT motto of stating clear goals. Summer 2016, Allie wants to run a 5k! Figuring out what she wants and how to achieve those goals, whether SHiFTing on break or running on campus, has been the best part of the journey!

As the pictures show, Allie has seen an incredible physical transformation, but what remains is her amazing, beautiful radiant smile! That smile and Allie’s mission statement say it all. . .

“Sometimes you’re going to mess up, but if you continue looking forward and have a positive outlook on things, you can achieve anything. My goal is to be the best version of myself I can be, every single day.”

For all the laughter tears and inspiration Allie finds at SHiFT, she pays it forward with the gift of her positive energy. We at SHiFT celebrate you Allie and can’t wait for Spring Break to get you back in the saddle!!

Written by Blogger and SHiFT Instructor, Emily Webster.  Catch her soulful, leaderboard-free ride on Wednesday mornings in Guilford at 9:15 am.  Sign up now.