The Aha and Epiphanies as I SHiFT to a Better Place

 In Motivation

Dear Jenn and the SHiFT Team,

I had a very intense and personal experience a month ago that forced me to put my 30-day unlimited pass on hold.  Once I had rested, I returned to SHiFT.  I used the one month mark as a milestone with the goal of checking in with myself to gauge I was doing.

Because my spirit is very competitive, I decided to not put myself up on the leaderboard on my early rides.  Instead I chose to allow my body to be where she was at and to focus on just feeling good. The time on the bike gave me and my body this amazing space to really listen to each other and find compassion and patience for one another. I got to cry (a lot) and scream (thank you loud music) grunt, grumble and sweat.  Most importantly my body reminded me of how seriously X&@$#@ strong she is and how lucky I am that she’s carried me all these years. During my rides my head was filled with aha moments, epiphanies and awesome nurturing philosophy.  EVERY SINGLE CLASS the instructor threw the perfect inspiration at me.

It’s been 30 days and I feel strong, healthy and hopeful once again and I know that my healing was expedited by these rides. I’m so grateful that you opened SHiFT in New Haven and that all of your staff are so wonderful.  I wanted to share my experience in the hopes that others find the same inspiration.



Written by SHiFTer and Guest Blogger Crystal Valencia.